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"Letters from the Trenches"
by Bill Lamin, £12.50

This linkwill allow you to buy a signed, personally dedicated, copy of the book of the blog for £12.50. On purchase of the book, I'll also email a couple of files of readings of Harry's letters by an Ilkeston boy.

Please make sure that you click the correct button for postage. The postage to U.K destinations is £3.00, to any other destinations it has to be, I'm afraid, £7.50.

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Delivery should be within the week to the USA, maybe even quicker for U.K. addresses.
Please add the details of the dedication you'd like on the title sheet, in the box provided.

The first button and box is for U.S.A and other non-U.K. destinations, the second button and box is for U.K. addresses only.

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One set of six mint "Harry Stamps" -postage free with the book. £7.00

Visit the main website to check out the blog